why ahr?

Dedicated Consumer Focus

Our sector focus gives us a deep understanding of the unique opportunities and challenges facing growing brands. We understand where you’ve been and what it will take to get your transaction over the finish line.

Proprietary Network

Over two decades we have developed an extensive and proprietary network of family offices, strategic buyers and consumer private equity firms - all of whom are active buyers of, and investors in emerging brands. Our network allows us to deliver creative outcomes in a notoriously inefficient capital markets environment.  Our ability to tap into a diverse range of capital sources also allows us to tailor how to best work with you, whether as your lead investor or investment banker.

World Class Resources

We bring the resources and expertise of a large middle-market firm to the underserved lower-middle market. We leverage our own experience with the capabilities of our network of operating executives and extensive industry contacts.  We value our clients and partners relying upon us in areas where they could use some additional strategic thought or guidance, and also, where they may be under-resourced.

Passion and Integrity

A passion for consumer brands, a limited number of active projects, and our long term orientation ensures that you get thoughtful, senior-level attention ahead of, during and after our transaction with you.  Our approach is entrepreneurial, transparent and people-centric.  We hope yours is too.

The way in which our transaction was structured enabled us to scale our business with minimized risk and an increased capital base. Chris and John were an outstanding combination of strategy and execution, ensuring the highest return on invested capital. My needs as the founder of the company were always a focal point throughout the process.
— Barry Beck, Founder, Bluemercury




  • Innovative consumer, ecommerce, franchising, and omnichannel retail brands

  • Demonstrated consumer acceptance

  • Strong underlying demographic and psychographic trends

  • Compelling customer acquisition strategies

  • High integrity founders and executives seeking more than just capital


  • Growth rates faster than the industry

  • Run rate sales in excess of $10 million

  • Healthy gross margins

  • Historical capital efficiency

  • A visible path to positive EBITDA if it isn’t already there

Our Typical investments:

  • Equity between $7 and $30 million

  • First institutional capital in

  • Minority or control situations

  • Include some shareholder liquidity

Working with Chris and John was a breath of fresh air. In an investing environment where finding serious professional investors for consumer companies is difficult, their professionalism, depth of industry knowledge and connections are a huge asset. Any entrepreneur that has the chance to work with them will benefit from their experience.
— Gaston Frydlewski, CEO + Co-Founder, Hickies